Most probably one of the longest projects in my life

I am thrilled to finally share my journey on a project I have been working on for almost half a year now. It has been an incredible experience, and I am excited to continue this project in the future.

This project is my PhD studies at Doctoral School at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, where I have been fortunate enough to work with a great supervisor who has allowed me to explore my interests while providing guidance along the way. Collaborating with talented individuals has also been a significant highlight of this studies. I have been working with a colleague from my year who is an expert in Natural Language Processing, and we participated in the International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval) together.

In task 3 of the competition, which involved detecting the category, framing, and persuasion techniques in online news in a multi-lingual setup, my colleague implemented the first subtask, while I focused on detecting persuasion techniques in text. It was a multi-class multi-label problem, and I had to identify 23 different persuasion techniques. On average, we ranked second in different languages in the first subtask and sixth in my subtask. However, I was thrilled to achieve a podium in the Polish language, which I cared about the most. Moreover, further experiments after the deadline resulted in first place in 4 languages and in the rest we are on the podium. I wish we had more time and more computing power for this competition 😀

This competition has been a significant learning experience, and it has also opened up the opportunity for me to discuss potential international collaborations with a University outside of Poland. I am grateful for this adventure and eager to continue pursuing my research interests. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

If you would like to check out the workshop and its results, the link is below. The name of my team is DSHacker 😁 You can find us on final test leaderboard and post deadline leaderboard.


PS. ChatGPT helped me with polishing this post 😃

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