Why is Python slow?

In this series of articles, I present some Python features that cause the execution time to be extended and some popular workarounds to make your code run faster. In the first part, I explain why Python is slower than low-level languages such as C or C++ and other high-level languages like Java or C#. Let’s …

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Loops, lists, sorting… What’s next?

Most of the programming tutorials aimed at beginners emphasize learning fundamental code instructions like ‘for’ or ‘if’, enabling writing basic programs and algorithms. While it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the nuances of your favorite programming language with such tutorials’ help, it won’t be necessary to go through essential programming rules every …

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Python is slow, so why we’re using it for Data Science?

Author: Mirosław “miro662” Błażej, Python developer and Masters’ IT student at AGH UST. Linkedin GitHub Nowadays, Python is the most popular programming language for data-science-related tasks. And many of those tasks are computation-heavy ones. One of them is matrix multiplication – a basic linear algebra operation, used by almost all ML algorithms, for example, to compute activations …

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